Mustafa Mazouzi


Paris based Mustafa started out, like many young directors, making short films. His first ‘The Corner’ was officially selected for The Palm Springs Film Festival.

It was whilst in development of new narrative projects and working as a successful screenwriter that Mustafa, somewhat unexpectedly, came to commercials. His first ad ‘Boost Energy’ for adidas was selected for The Cannes Young Director Awards in 2016, and in the two years since he has amassed an impressive body of work for brands including Seat, Nike, GMF, Société Générale and with Adidas coming back repeatedly. During this rise Mustafa has collaborated with TBWAParis, DDB, CLM.BBDO, C14Torce and Fred & Farid. Mustafa’s work is human, observed and naturalistic. His visual language can, at times, be frenetic, and in others deeply considered, subtle and poetic, but always precisely crafted and with the intent to move. He is a deeply collaborative filmmaker, which is what, no doubt, makes him so well suited to short form storytelling.