We Are Golden LA

Golden is a multi-disciplinary studio driven by a roster of live action directors and a collective of designers and visual effects artists. Excited by the future, Golden brings the appropriate balance of innovation and experience to each aspect of the production process. We are tired of labels so we wear none.


The Studio

1275 Electric Ave., Venice, CA 90291


Matthew Marquis

Managing Director

Ben Conrad

Executive Creative Director

Rick Brown

Head of Production

Kevin Gallagher

Post Supervisor

Luke Sargent

Technical Director

Emily Gibson

Office Coordinator


West Coast


310 980 4900

Bryan Shrednick & Millie Munro



Samuel Guthrey

312 642 0022

Gay Guthrey & Rowley Samuel


East Coast

Hunky Dory

212 235 7080

Gisela Limberg